Concretely what is iron supposed to do?

In the previous article we discussed the problem of low iron symptoms in women. Today we will add more light over what iron is supposed to do in our blood. Having a straight talk our body necessitates iron to build hemoglobin, the substance found in our red blood cells that takes oxygen from lungs to our body tissues. Other parts of our body that are affected by the iron level in our organism are brain, breathing activity and any other of which our body depends on having enough iron in blood.

If you feel alright, like you’re shining and have a lot of energy then one factor that’s supposed to generate this feeling of wellness is your body’s iron that is found in an optimum level. Blood cells are made mostly by bone marrow, bone marrow which also stores the most iron in our organism. If we have a hard time with our iron levels, then we will start using the iron that exists in the bone marrow reserves. But if we did store only a small quantity of iron then our red blood cells will not be created properly, their dimension will be significant less than the one of usual ones and also their number is little. An immediate result for this thing is that less hemoglobin is transporting oxygen in body.

As a conclusion to the low iron symptoms is that when our body doesn’t contain a proper level of iron then our body has a bad flow of oxygen, so our organs starve for oxygen.

How do we bring iron in organism?

Iron can be found under two types heme and nonheme. Easiest form to absorb is the heme type that can be found in meat mostly, the other nonheme form is present in vegetables, grains and takes a little longer for our organism to absorb it. If we desire to increase the rhythm of iron absorption we will supplement our diet with vitamin C.

One common question which we put is to take supplements of iron or not? Generally isn’t considered a good thing to take iron supplements. Overloading with iron is as dangerous as the iron deficiency symptoms. If we are suspecting low iron levels we should first proceed to visit a doctor and after that follow the advice we are given. Stay with us for the next interesting article about symptoms of low iron.

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