Chronic cough can be caused by the lack of iron

It can seem strange that sometimes the cough can’t be treated with cough syrups and tablets cough or expectorants, but with … iron.

Cough is generally a symptom of disease of the lungs or airway disorders common in cold season.

Increasingly more often, are diagnosed with chronic cough women not smoking, whose lungs are perfectly healthy, just like the bronchi, without any sign of asthma or other respiratory diseases. Equally, there’s no gastric reflux of liquid acid from the stomach irritation that can produce a chronic cough.

So what is the cause of this vexing and persistent cough? Well, the reason is … anemia. These women suffering from chronic cough show a certain level of iron deficiency. So, instead of cough syrup, they must follow the treatment with iron and the cough will disappear!

Mechanism of chronic cough in iron deficiency is related to the role of iron in the protein synthesis of the immune system that controls inflammation. A deficiency of iron makes the immunity drop and upper airways (specifically the pharynx and larynx) have a tendency to inflame, leading to this chronic cough. The pharynx is painful, red and the mucous membranes of the vocal cords become highly sensitive, so these women coughs or drowns extremely easy.

Women who suffer from chronic cough can get rid of this problem by a simple iron supplement, italian researchers announced. According to the study, it seems that iron deficiency explains why some healthy women coughs frequently. Tests carried out on women with chronic cough have shown that, once took a dietary supplement rich in iron, the cough is alleviated.

The trial was attended by 16 women who were suffering from chronic cough, pulmonary activity were normal, not suffering from asthma or other respiratory disease nor have gastro-oesophageal reflux. It was found that all were volunteers teaching, however, iron deficiency. The explanation lies in the fact that iron helps the production of proteins in the immune system. It seems that iron deficiency leaves the upper respiratory system has exposed more inflammation and chronic cough occurs.

After several months of therapy with iron, which normalizes the body’s iron reserves, the inflammation goes away, like a cough. Iron deficiency is very often met among women of childbearing age, mainly due to abundant menses.

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