Low iron symptoms – causes for low iron deficiency

Low iron symptoms are related and even synonyms with the term of low iron deficiency. Studies showed that 10% pre menopausal and 6% post menopausal women are affected by the low quantity of iron in blood. Men seem to rank better as statistics say that only 2% of men are affected by this deficiency.

The majority of people that suffer of these symptoms do it because the amount of iron consumed is very small and it vanishes because of internal bleeding. Bleeding that is often caused by ulcers or even tumors. Some groups of people face a more dangerous risk of having low iron in blood, these groups are:

  • Aged persons who lost many teeth. We seriously advise them to take iron pills that contain among iron in their composition other mineral supplements necessary for their every day diet.
  • Not all women menstruate the same! Some women menstruate heavy and for them it is necessary thing to ‘feed’ their organism with some iron that can be assimilated either by taking pills rich in iron and other minerals or by trying to eat many legumes, cereals or breads.
  • Women that are pregnant are very exposed to low iron in blood because they constantly need to feed their fetus, and they do it by releasing the iron from their own bodies.

Iron deficiency – symptoms

Having an iron deficiency in your blood circulation will cause most probably anemia that can easily be associated with fatigue, increased heart beat rate and rapid breathing. If someone suffers of a severe iron crisis then the tongue and nails are going to be visible affected. A large number of persons that have the symptom of iron deficiency develop a very unusual desire for some foods like lettuce, ice cubes that don’t have too much iron in their composition.

Try to avoid low iron symptoms as much as possible because as we informed and told you by now having a low quantity of iron in blood will not do any good to your organism, it will seriously damage your condition.