Low iron symptoms in women, watch for them!

We’ll start this article that treats low iron symptoms in women with some characteristics that women have if they pass such periods of low iron in blood. So if you are feeling tired, lethargic, having trouble in concentrating, dizziness, cold feeling and pale skin, especially if you are a woman then you are a candidate for symptoms of low iron.

Let’s provide some US statistics regarding those symptoms:
• Known fact is that 12% of women that have ages between 12-49 are known to have problems with iron deficiency.
• Women that are pregnant are more exposed to those symptoms, especially if they have lower incomes.
• Women who passed through menopause have less predisposal to such low iron levels.
• Interesting fact is that only a percent of 3% of men have these symptoms.

So what makes women so much predisposed to iron deficiency?

Studying statistics we can say that because we bleed each month and because we have to carry pregnancy and fully support it we are risking not to have sufficient amount of iron in organisms.
If a woman had several children, depending on her diet and consciousness it still can have a normal level of iron. But if she has a noisy and busy life with some kids, then it is possible to feel many times very tired and possibly lack the will to do things. Most of times we don’t realize that the problem is actually more because our organism doesn’t contain the necessary amount of iron. The mistake that often happens is that we begin to think it is because we did too many things, that we should sleep more and rest.

I’ve got a real story from a good friend. I see her about 2-3 times a week when I go to her house, she lives a kind of hard life for her 29 years old. Having 3 children, working full time she told many times she kind of feels tired most of time. The problem is as you suspect her low iron level of which she found about after a visit to a doctor. Making her mind up and visiting a doctor was a great decision, she was having a big problem with low iron and also anemia, these were explained by bleeding much and low iron levels. Doctor recommended her to have a hysterectomy, she didn’t want and she started researching about other ways in which she can treat. As you can understand the biggest problem was discovering the problem she really had and after that by following a treatment she got a lot better.
We will come soon with another article about low iron symptoms in women! Keep your eyes on us.